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As a member, you will be part of an exclusive new service dedicated to scholarly endeavors. Scholarly Insider is the web's premier academic social network. Cultivate your intellectual community here.

Upon registration, you'll receive a handy profile page, in-network e-mail account, useful tools, and access to unique school pages with associated networks, which you can easily create or contribute to in myriad ways. Scholarly Insider membership is always 100% FREE!

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...and much more! Instantly! Easily publish your academic files and get your scholarly contributions noticed. Post your research papers, course lectures, photos, opinions, and content within other file-types.

A Peer-to-Peer Resource for Academia: We've made it easy for you to share your academic works with your peers. You can also upload files to your own private collection and share selectively. Each network also acts like a targeted forum for your file uploads.

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Campus Networks (e.g. Departments, Research Centers, and Alumni Associations) reflect real campus divisions. Greatly broaden your following by posting your intellectual contributions to these targeted forums.

Build, manage, and even market your own Campus Networks. Your network can have any number of sub-networks, from student groups to classes. Popular campus divisions will go first. You can peruse, comment & rank all member contributions for quality.

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Watch informative course videos for free. Or, post lectures by your favorite professors and other great modern thinkers. Each major campus network has its own course channel, so you can easily find the highest quality freely offered online courses.

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Scholarly Corner

The web's top academic peer-to-peer file sharing service is now at your fingertips! You can post myriad file types to your Campus Networks or private file collection, browse content posted by your friends and share anything that you upload.

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The Wire

This tool is for updates & shoutouts. Have you published something new and exciting? If so, then you can quickly inform the Scholarly community of what you've posted, create threads and kick off helpful discussions around your intellectual work.

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These represent the nation's top universities and colleges. Think of them as focused interactive forums. Are you the member of a college department? You can join or build it within your college's community, publish your associated files there, and get your work featured! It's easy and rewarding!

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