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Resources For Student & Alumni Career Seekers

  • Career Advising and Placement Service (CAPS) »
    If you're considering a long-term career after UChicago, CAPS will likely be your first point of contact to prepare for the road ahead. This service functions to prepare University of Chicago students and alumni for challenging careers and advanced degrees. It also seeks to provide job and internship opportunities in a variety of fields. Its promotes UChicago talent to a wide range of employers and institutions in order to expand the set of opportunities available to them.
  • Chicago Career Connection (CCC) »
    The Chicago Career Connection is a valuable career search resource hosted by the University of Chicago's Career Advising and Planning Services. This system allows UChicago students and alumni to upload application materials and search for jobs in a variety of geographic areas and career fields.
  • Alumni Careers Network »
    The Alumni Careers Network is a comprehensive on-line database of Chicago alumni who have volunteered to provide career-related informational interviews and/or mentoring service to students and other alumni. Over 15,000 individuals participate in this service, and those that do often report that the most important career advice they receive is from Chicago alumni.
  • Alumni Job Board »
    View & share career opportunities with this alumni and friends community via the University's LinkedIn job board. Note: You must be a member of the University of Chicago Alumni LinkedIn group to view.
  • UChicago Jobs »
    Are you interested in working at the University of Chicago? You will find many career opportunities listed on the UChicago Employment site.
  • Career Resource Center »
    The Career Resource Center is the part of CAPs that provides access to current, authoritative career-related resources. Its print collection includes career-related books and periodicals and an extensive set of informational handouts created by CAPS staff. This is a very helpful resource for job seekers!
  • CAPS Staff Bio/Contact Info »
    If you'd like to contact CAPS staff to learn more, this is the place for you.

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