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Evolving Genomes: Human Origins & Our Microbial Passengers Part 1

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By Brian December 20, 2013

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Evolving Genomes is a recording of a two-hour program co-hosted by the
Penn Genome Frontiers Institute and The Franklin Institute held on Oct.
26, 2010. The first part of the program consists of three talks by Penn
experts ("Genomes & Genealogy as Revealed by Computational Biology,"
Junhyong Kim, PhD; "An African Odyssey through the Human Genome," Sarah
Tishkoff, PhD; "Microbes in our Body: Life Partners in Health and
Disease," Frederic Bushman, PhD). In the second part of the program, the
speakers are joined by their Penn colleagues, Susan Ross, PhD (Professor
of Microbiology) and Theodore Schurr, PhD (Associate Professor of
Anthropology), as they answer questions submitted by the audience. Ivan
Oransky, MD, Executive Editor at Reuters Health, moderates the program.
Opening and closing remarks are given by Jim Eberwine, PhD and Kristin
Field, PhD. More about the speakers and program can be found at