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  • Professor Lenny Seligman: Biotechnology and the Law

    In this lecture from September 11, 2013 -- Biotechnology and the Law: Pomona Science on Trial -- Professor of Biology Lenny talks about how he became an expert witness in a biotechnology patent case that used findings from his lab as prior art. Prof. Seligman has been with Pomona College since ...

    Tags: Pomona College, Biotechnology, Law

    December 20, 2013

  • Law and Social Illusion

    Professor Liam Murphy, Professor of Law and Philosophy at New York University delivers the 2013 Annual Lecture in Law & Society.In the wake of the House of Commons Debate on tax fairness and increasing public outrage at tax avoidance by Google and other multinationals, Professor Murphy assess...

    Tags: NYU Channel, Law, Social Illusion

    December 19, 2013