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Swarthmore College is a private liberal arts college in the United States with an enrollment of roughly 1,500 students.

The college is located in the borough of Swarthmore, PA. Founded in 1864, Swarthmore was one of the earliest coeducational colleges in the United States. Swarthmore dropped its religious affiliation and became officially non-sectarian in 1933. Today, the college is known for a rigorous intellectual character, shaped by a commitment to social responsibility and the legacy of Swarthmore's Quaker heritage.

Ninety percent of graduates eventually attend graduate or professional school and over twenty percent of graduates attain a Doctor of Philosophy degree in their lifetime, a rate surpassed only by the California Institute of Technology, Harvey Mudd College and Reed College.

Swarthmore is a member of the Tri-College Consortium, a cooperative arrangement among Swarthmore College, Bryn Mawr College, and Haverford College. The consortium shares an integrated library system of more than three million volumes, and students are able to cross-register in courses at all three institutions. A common Quaker heritage exists amongst the consortium schools and the University of Pennsylvania also extends this cross-registration agreement to classes at UPenn's College of Arts and Sciences.

Honors: A Top Liberal Arts College

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The Forum on Education Abroad recognized Caldwell’s research on the history and evolution of monuments in Buenos Aires.

5 days ago

The City of Philadelphia recognized Bhanot's efforts—powered in part by Swarthmore students—to use social science to positively influence public policy.

last week

Brody discusses his research in communication complexity and makes the argument that computational thinking and theory belong in a liberal arts curriculum. 

about 2 weeks ago

“This opportunity means that I’ll finally get to be the change in my city that I can’t sit around and wait for,” says Chris Precise ’21, who will use creative writing to teach sociology to marginalized students in Philadelphia.

December 20, 2018

"It's my hope that by studying our visitors responses to the exhibitions, we might be able to understand something more about the brain and contribute to neuroscience itself," says Asher, a neuroscience researcher at the Peabody Essex Museum.

December 19, 2018

Students share that "they are more extroverted while walking Izzy (left) and that Izzy has boosted their self-esteem and sociability on campus," reports Director of Health and Wellness Services Alice Holland.

December 17, 2018

At the stroke of midnight, students rang in the beginning of finals with the traditional minute-long scream in Sharples Dining Hall.

December 14, 2018

“It’s critical for there to be a place where people can access information that allows them access to greater opportunities,” says Cynthia Jetter ’74, who drove the creation of the College Access Center through her work at the College.

December 12, 2018

On a recent Phi Beta Kappa Society podcast, Vollmer also shares why it's a good time to be a microbiologist.

December 10, 2018

The interdisciplinary program, designed by Associate Professor of Political Science Ayse Kaya (left) and Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies Carina Yervasi, will analyze global processes and systems.

December 7, 2018