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Avoid Period Mishaps With Women’s Underwear for Menstruation

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By Eva Taylor December 18, 2018

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Whenever you open your drawer and see a great amount “supply” of underwear, one thought must have always crossed your mind, and that is to find a way to experience leak-free periods. Despite being very careful, chances of spoiling one or two panties during “that special time of the month” are pretty high. Why spoil expensive lingerie when you can wear disposable women’s underwear for menstruation by PantiePads. If you are hearing about it for the first time, read this article to learn more about this product, which has brought a sigh of relief in the lives of millions of menstruating women.

Period Panties- A Revolutionary Product

Since long ago, women of childbearing age have been facing the challenge of monthly cycles, especially when it is associated with a lot of pain, cramps, discomfort and heavy flow. Many women, especially, teenagers who have just started menstruating experience the embarrassment of leaky periods staining their panties and clothes. With times, personal hygiene products underwent a lot of changes for the better. Today, there are high-quality sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups and more to help women go through their “monthlies” without any trouble. Another product that has recently added to the list is period panties for women and teens. It is a smart, safe and stylish alternative to mass-marketed undies with an added benefit of a built-in pad absorbing period flows. Availability of this product has made periods relatively less stressful for women and teenagers. They can engage in active sports without worrying about their periods or the embarrassing accident which may occur due to leakage. 

Benefits of Underwear for Periods

Period panties offer a lot of benefits to women. Some of these are-

1. It is worn just like regular undies and comes with a highly absorbent built-pad.
2. The unique menstrual pad stays in place without shifting or bunching. 
3. Provides long-lasting protection for up 12-hours.
4. Made from a high-tech fiber that locks in liquid and keeps you feeling dry and comfortable.
5. It is hypo-allergenic and completely safe to wear, without the risk of TSS. 
Ideal to use during the menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy or postpartum, for mild incontinence, and while traveling. 

When looking for the best period panties, it is imperative to search for a reputed and reliable company that offers a variety of quality options to choose from. Since PantiePads panties come with an absorbent built-in pad, women can rest assured of a mishap-free period. This period panty is hypoallergenic, therefore eliminating the chance of suffering from an allergic reaction. It is manufactured with the technology to neutralize odor which helps the wearer feel fresh and confident all day long. 

There is no need to visit washroom frequently to check for leaks and stains. Whether it is an important meeting or a sporting event, women can have peace of mind knowing that they are protected. 

With these products available in the market, many women have found a remarkable change in their lives. They are more confident now and do not get worried or stressed about stains or leaks embarrassing them in public. PantiePads is life changing and offers women the freedom to live their life and not be controlled by their period. 

PantiePads have been featured on television and in many reputable magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Allure, Parents, and others, and have been named as Product Of The Year and One of Best Period Panties.