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    Features of Scholarly Insider

      • Academic Communities
      • These represent the Universities and Colleges with which you may be involved. They are the lifeblood of Scholarly Insider (SI) and exist to be online embodiments of real-world collegiate communities, such as Harvard, UChicago, UPenn, Princeton and Yale. Whether you are a student, professor, administrator or an alumnus, our Schools will provide you with a medium of unsurpassed intellectual expression. For example, you can post to myriad sections, such as discussion boards, blogs, our file-share tool (Scholarly Corner) and our video channels, which allow you to explore & share the gamet of the academic experience and life of the mind.
      • Communities also contain a potentially infinite number of sub-networks ("Networks"), such as departments, professional schools, alumni communities, student groups and much more. You can join any of these or create your own by requesting admin status.
      • Explore each School in-depth to learn more about what engages its members and, in so doing, discover its underlying ethos.
      • SI Members can join/administer their respective universities or colleges, affiliated departments or organizations, invite members & build vibrant online academic communities.
      • OpenCourse Channels
      • This Scholarly Insider's video-share arm. It allows for ever-increasing discovery.
      • Here's how it works: Each School has its own Channel (e.g. the Stanford Channel), where members can post community-specific videos. So, if you find an interesting video brought to you by a professor from a specific university or college, you can post it to that community. There is also a general video post for videos that do not fall into a particular school's channel.
      • Our goal here is to provide you with access to high quality, informative videos on topics that delve into areas across all fields of academia. Please post your favorite academic videos and help us grow this exciting collaborative tool.
      • Scholarly Corner
      • Our file-share tool
      • We're excited to announce that we've built place for you to share papers, broadcast course lectures and materials, post community photos and upload files more generally, such as documents (e.g. research papers or resumes) and media (e.g. music, pictures or videos). You can submit uploads to
      • 1) A specific School or Network,
      • 2) The general post, or
      • 3) Your own private collection!
      • We make it easy for you to share everything with your friends.
      • Each Community and Network has an area for more targeted file uploads. Your own personal set of files are accessible on your personal Profile page.
      • The Social Sphere
      • As a member of Scholarly Insider, you will receive a highly customizable Profile with Dashboard (for all the things you enjoy most in one spot), an in-network Email account, the privilege of joining / contributing to Schools & Networks across the site, engagement with and friendship of other Insider, and, most importantly, bragging rights that you're one of the first to sign-up for a website that will change the world.
      • Indeed, we have tied in all of the components that you might expect from a collaborative, member-oriented network. Also, it's entirely FREE!
      • Photos
      • Our advanced photo sharing application
      • You can post your community-related photos to a School, Network or your own personal collection of photo albums. Each post will contain unique statistics detailing the image. Also, user views are displayed on each image's page and, if someone is captured in the image, you can tag him/her. Images can also be explained with background information.
      • Pinboards
      • A unique tool that allows you to collect favorite items from across Scholarly Insider.
      • This is a Pinterest-esque feature that allows you to gather together your favorite blog posts, pictures, videos, etc. in one or more spots (what we call these "Pinboards"). Each Pinboard is a highly customizable tool that will allow you to gather, arrange and broadcast anything that interests you on the site. Additionally, Pinboards provide for a quick & easy way for you to categorize + revisit (link back to) the content that you collect. We encourage you to play around with this sophisticated feature and lend us your feedback as to how you find it useful and/or how we can enhance it!
      • The Wire
      • A Twitter-like post for sparking discussions, debates and posting updates
      • You can utilize The Wire to ignite buzz around intelligent topics that interest you. We just ask that you keep things scholarly.
      • This was designed especially for members who are interested in posting or undertaking acadedmic careers, such as Professorships, Research opportunities and more.
      • Marketplace
      • A free place to sell your books
      • Do you have a textbook that you would like to sell? Or maybe a Kindle? If so, go ahead and post it in the Marketplace. Since this is a new feature, we recommend that you start by linking to your Amazon.com listings in this section to insure your sale or purchase.
      • Event Post
      • Upcoming events post
      • This is exciting: If you've joined a Scholarly Community and you run an alumni club, student group or any campus-oriented organization, you have access to many privileged features, such as our "Event Post," where you can post your upcoming events! This is a free, sophisticated feature that integrates cutting-edge technology, including maps, calendars, daily event lists, and much, much more! Get started here!
      • Chat Room
      • A place to discuss topics ranging from medical school to astrophysics
      • We have created a list of Chat Rooms that will afford with you a opportunities to engage with peers & professionals.
      • Widgets
      • Tools that customize your experience
      • These vary greatly, yet each widget will help you personalize your Profile, Dashboard, Schools and Networks with these unique, highly functional tools. Examples include Activity, RSS Feeds, Blogs, Bookmarks, Tag Cloud, Google Gadgets, Free HTML, Notes, Files, Discussions, and many others. Use them wisely.
      • Search
      • Advanced search logic enabled
      • We have made it easy for you to search for specific terms, places or members. The results returned are comprehensive. Give it a try.
      • Administration & Ownership
      • Schools & Networks that YOU control
      • If you have what it takes, we will hook you up with special privileges that allow you to create full, vibrant communities. You will be the master of your domain, but you will need to Request Permissions in order to take the reins of a School or Network.
      • A Unique Scholarly Community
      • Welcome to an Intellectual-Driven Website
      • By joining Scholarly Insider, you will help to make the internet smarter. Call us idealistic, but we hope to gather the greatest minds here in order to develop something that has never been endeavored--that is, a non-trivial website that rewards intelligence. We fully endorse / encourage brilliant ideas, theoretical debate, and intelligent contibutions that help to establish & hone the life of the mind online.